What is Noodles Translation?

Noodles Translation stands for helping businesses with their online presence. Technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous, so your business simply cannot stay behind. The total amount of active internet users has surpassed half the world population and these users consist of people from different countries who may or may not speak English well enough to understand your business. I will help you with your online presence with a great website and accurate English and Dutch translation.


Who is behind Noodles Translation?

I go by Noodles, and I am a Dutch computer science student. The software industry is dominated by the English language as well as many other industries. Therefore, English is my preferred language for nearly all tasks. I perfected my English skills by following the Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) course from which I have graduated so I can help people like you.

Other than that, I like programming websites, mobile applications, and games. Have a look at my projects on my portfolio website!


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